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The School Day

Daily Timetable


No day is the same at school, but we try to keep things consistent for the children. This is what a 'typical day' in the life of a child at Jenyns looks like for children in KS1 and KS2. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage, have a 'child led' day and is much more fluid after 9:30am.


8.50am:            Children enter classrooms.

                        (For class 3, this is from 8:40 am)


8.55am:            Registration


9.00am:            Phonics/ Grammar


9:30am:            Lesson 1


10.30am:          Assembly


10.45am:          Morning Break


11.00am:          Lesson 2


12.15pm:          Lunch for EYFS

12. 20pm:         Lunch for KS1 and KS2


1.20pm:            Afternoon Lessons commence


3.20pm:            End of school