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P.E. & Sports Grant Funding

What is Sports Grant Funding?


In March 2013 the Government announced that it would provide additional funding to primary schools to support the improvement of provision of PE and sport. The funding, allocated to headteachers in primary schools is ring fenced and can only be spent on PE and sport in primary schools. The headteacher and governors are accountable for the spending of the funding.


The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport. It is to benefit primary-aged pupils and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

How do we plan to spend it this year?

Please note: this is a working document and will be tweaked through the year as our plan is reviewed.

Sports Day at Jenyns

Sports Day at Jenyns 1
Sports Day at Jenyns 2
Sports Day at Jenyns 3
Sports Day at Jenyns 4
Sports Day at Jenyns 5
Sports Day at Jenyns 6

Our outdoor table tennis table

Our outdoor table tennis table 1
Picture 1
Picture 1