Jenyns First School and Nursery

Our Children, Our Future.

Parent View

We value the views of our families and who better to tell you about our school than parents themselves... 

Our First Year at Jenyns

Our family moved to the area just before our oldest daughter Romy started school. We weren't able to visit due to the Coronavirus pandemic but we were given a fantastically warm welcome and a 'virtual tour' via zoom! We were immediately impressed by the school's values and ethos, along with the wonderful outside space and the bright and inviting classrooms. The children we have met are so polite, inquisitive and helpful and the teaching staff are wonderful. The school is quite small, so everyone gets to know each other well, but with lots of space and a wide range of resources. In joining Class 1, we have found the transition from pre-school really positive for Romy. There's so much opportunity for play but also a great foundation in phonics, maths and other academic subjects. The settling in process worked really well - within a week or so it was as if she'd always been there! Our younger child can't wait to start next year. 

Romy thinks Jenyns is 'the best place ever' - the teaching staff know her so well and provide an extremely high level of care and support to her. The environment in the school really is like being part of an extended family.

Anna & Will Hedges

"I love Jenyns because I have really great friends. We have so much fun outside in the garden and so many things to do and really yummy lunches. I love coming to school".

Romy Hedges - Class 1

I wish they could stay there longer!

Both of my children have adored their time at Jenyns over the years and I really feel that it has helped establish their love for learning and help them develop holistically. The school is such a lovely size which enables all of the children to know each other by name and parents to say hello to one another. The staff are friendly and approachable and clearly have a love for what they do and take great care of the children. As a parent I chose Jenyns for its village location, friendly family ethos and level of pastoral care, as well as pupil educational attainment, and I have been delighted with it… I just wish that my children were able to stay there longer and not have to leave for Middle School!

A wonderful First School

A wonderful First School and Nursery that goes above and beyond to support children to thrive in a friendly, supportive and exciting learning environment. The staff are amazing and put the children at the heart of all they do and have risen to many challenges, especially in recent times, in an efficient, effective and professional way to ensure the children continue to learn to their full potential. We are so lucky to have this school in our village!

I couldn't be happier!

An amazing first school and I could not be happier that my child attends. Very much a family focussed and supportive environment.

Well deserving of Outstanding

A fabulous village school, well deserving of its Outstanding status. I couldn't be happier with every aspect of Jenyns and neither could my children!