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Art and Design


 Our broad and rich Art and Design curriculum aims to inspire pupils and develop their confidence to be curious and experiment in their art.  It is designed to give pupils every opportunity to develop their ability and enable them to reach their full creative potential.  The curriculum is designed to enable them to develop skills and knowledge through a range of art techniques including drawing, painting, 3D work, printmaking and collage. It will allow them to know about great artists, craft makers and designers through history as well as learning about the rich heritage and culture of the British Isles and beyond. It will give them the language and skills needed to communicate their thoughts and feelings about their own art and that created by others. It supports pupils to meet the National Curriculum requirements as well as the relevant strands of the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.



Our art curriculum is delivered through a two-year programme due to our mixed aged classes.This ensures full coverage as well as progression across the key stages. We use the ‘Access Art’ scheme of work which includes the following strands: drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D art and collage & textiles. This scheme includes carefully designed pathways which allows art strands to be combined in ways that allow skills to be revisited regularly and developed. Art skills are taught discreetly through weekly art lessons. There are also opportunities for children to use their skills creatively and expressively across the curriculum.  In the EYFS, many skills are developed through carefully planned and resources continuous provision as well as some focused teaching tasks. Included in our curriculum is the opportunity to explore the works of well-known artists. Through this they not only broaden their knowledge of artists and their styles, but also they have the opportunity to learn new techniques. Assessments will be made against the key skills and knowledge outlined in the progression framework including using sketchbook and display evidence and also through valuable discussions with the children.



The expected impact will be that the children will:

  • Produce creative work, exploring and recording their ideas and experiences.
  • Be proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  • Develop and build upon their Art and Design skills and knowledge as they progress from EYFS to KS2
  • Evaluate and analyse their own and others' creative works using subject-specific language.
  • Know about great artists, designers and craft makers
  • Meet the expectations outlined in the National Curriculum for Art and design.


Art and Design Curriculum Map 2024

Art in action!