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English: Writing


In Key Stages 1 and 2, children follow the national curriculum through a genre-mapped scheme devised by the school. All of the high quality texts chosen are linked to the current topic curriculum. This gives children a broad base of knowledge, facts, vocabulary, real life experience and a context to base their writing on. Grammar is mapped by genre and year group, based on the new National Curriculum expectations. Children revisit these genres across the year and their school-life in order to deepen their mastery. In Key Stage 1, children focus on a more narrow range of genres heavily based on familiar stories, experiences and knowledge so that they can concentrate more fully on developing the craft of writing. During Key Stage 2, children broaden their experience of different genres and have the opportunity to develop their writing skills across a range of subjects.

Within each style of writing, children follow a similar path:

  1. immersion; discussing and investigating the features of the genre and ideas for writing
  2. organising and planning their own writing
  3. writing a first draft
  4. editing and improving with support from their teacher and peers

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling, punctuation and grammar are embedded within the writing curriculum so that children learn skills and use them in context. However, spelling is also taught explicitly in each year group. In Year 1, spelling is a focus of Phonics teaching, which is taught using Little Wandle. In Year 2 and Key Stage 2, children follow the Essential Spelling programme.


To see how you can help your child, click on the links below to seeing the spelling, punctuation and grammar fundamentals for each year group:


We teach children to use a continuous cursive style of handwriting. They start with individual letter formation and correct pencil grip in EYFS. Children begin to join when their letter formation is secure. 

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