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Science at Jenyns follows the National curriculum. We use the Herts for Learning progression document to ensure the children are building upon the knowledge that they have previously been taught.



Our aim is to meet the needs needs of all of the children at Jenyns. We ensure that we teach and cover the National Curriculum objectives for Science through a topic based approach and linked to core texts developing and broadening their vocabulary. We encourage our children to ask questions and work collaboratively to come to their own conclusions through an inquiry based approach. 



Science is taught weekly at Jenyns and in half termly units. We use the Herts for Learning progressions document to ensure that children are building on knowledge and key skills. Lessons are planned to build upon prior learning, ensuring learning is memorable and meaningful to our pupils.


Outdoor learning is a huge part of our curriculum and enables science to be taught using outdoor learning spaces: sensory garden, pond area and school forest. Problem solving opportunities allow children to find out more for themselves. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions and be given opportunities to use their scientific skills and research to discover the answers. 


Lessons are practical allowing children to develop critical thinking skills essential in Science. Children are encouraged to select and use equipment, collate and interpret results & discuss conclusions based on real evidence. 


Teachers will use precise questioning throughout the lesson to assess the children's knowledge and understanding and to deepen the learning. 



Our children are motivated and engaged in science and are resourceful in their approaches to investigations. Our curriculum ensures that our children are provided with essential knowledge and the foundations for understanding of the world. Progression is clearly planned for and evidenced in their learning. 


Children are able to use their prior learning to deepen their own understanding, making links and asking questions. Learning is assessed using questioning and evidence within the children's books. Assessments are recorded at the end of each unit. 

Science Curriculum Overview

Progression in Scientific Knowledge at Jenyns

Science in action!