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Welcome to the Friends of Jenyns (FOJ)! When your child joined Jenyns First School & Nursery you became a member of FOJ, a group that is dedicated to raising money towards special projects and resources for the school, whilst ensuring maximum fun for the children, their families and friends.


All parents and carers of Jenyns children help tremendously throughout the year by giving their time or by making donations of all kinds - raffle prizes, cakes, old clothes, you name it!


FOJ events and activities are organised by the committee members, with the support of Jenyns staff and governors.

Your committee – 


Treasurer - Harriet

Secretary - Dawn and Nichola

PR & Marketing - Karen

Class 1 Reps - Anna Hyde

Class 2 Reps - Anne Jenkins/Darren Black

Class 3 Reps - Harriet Sullivan



General Committee Members: Amy Hodge, Anne Jenkins, Carla Hall, Chrissy Welberry, Christine Smith, Claire Newman, Claire Paola, Darren Black, Emma Stewart, George Park, Louise Tanswell, Matt Jacobs, Natalie Sanchez, Natasha Price, Nicole West, Nikki Eatson, Samantha Babbage, Samantha Slade and Sarah Garrett



If you would like to join the FOJ committee or would like more information about our roles, responsibilities or upcoming activities please email



You will receive a termly newsletter in your child’s bookbag which will keep you informed of what we’ve got planned, the success of our recent events, and what we have been able to purchase for the children as a result of all our hardwork and fundraising.

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Find us on Facebook

You can now keep yourself updated on all the activities of the Friends of Jenyns (FOJ) on Facebook. FOJ has set up a closed group so that only parents and staff can see the posts and photographs. Many parents have been added as members already but if you’ve yet to join then simply search for ‘Friends of Jenyns’ in Facebook and request to become a member.