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Class 1

Welcome to Class One


Class 1 is the Foundation Stage Class, Nursery and Reception combined.

A well planned play-based, creative curriculum is key to our children's learning and development. Emphasis is placed on active outside learning all year round and has been developed to allow for a broad coverage of all curriculum areas.


Mrs Baxter, Mrs Wealthy, Mrs Sweet and Mrs Oakins, work together to ensure that children's learning is relevant and taught in an appropriate context that matches the different needs of our youngest children.

Class 1 Timetable 2020-2021

EYFS Topic Overview Autumn 1 The World

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1 2020

Handwriting help

Welcome to Class 1! Everyone has been excited to get back and get to know each other...

We have been learning to recognise patterns which help us know how many are in a set without counting them.

We have been learning a lot from the book Owl Babies. We know lots of facts about owls now. Here is some artwork we have done this week.

There are three owl babies in the Story Owl Babies so we have been collecting sets of 3 things inside and outside...

We have been learning about how things work and why things happen.