Jenyns First School and Nursery

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Buntingford and Rib Valley Schools

Buntingford and Rib valley Schools


Jenyns First School is proud to be a member of the Buntingford and Rib Valley Schools; our longstanding, local three-tier family of schools.


A child who joins one of our schools benefits from the expertise and resources of all our local family of schools.  We work closely together with our partner first, middle and upper schools to make sure that all our pupils are well prepared for each next step of their education in our local community’s excellent education system.


There are very few places in the country where state education offers this seamless education from Nursery right through to the Upper Sixth.  We are proud of the outstanding achievements that together we enable our local children to achieve, whether this is students achieving GCSE progress in the top 3% nationally or the amazing standards our children achieve in music, art, drama and sport.  It is a pleasure over the years to watch the children in our schools grow into happy, successful young adults.


It is because Buntingford and Rib Valley Schools work together that they are able to offer our children so much more than other schools.