Jenyns First School and Nursery

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Class 2 (KS1)

Welcome to Class Two


Class 2 is the Key Stage 1 class, Year 1 and Year 2 combined.

The children are taught by Mrs Chattey and are supported by Miss Mayn. Mrs Wright and Miss Williams also support with PPA cover.


The children have all built strong foundations, and across KS1 they further practice growth mindset, independence and creativity. This supports the children's love of learning to flourish further.

Class 2 Timetable

Autumn term! Our topic is... Globetrotters!

Summer 2 Topic - Past and Present

Our new topic for the Summer term is.... Home and Away!

Our new topic for Spring 2 is.... Castles, Dragons and Knights!

Spring term blog

Our topic for Spring term is... Journeys!

Our trip to Paris!


Today in Class 2 we had a fantastic start to our new topic of Journeys! The children were given plane tickets to Paris and we set off on an aeroplane to see the sights! We travelled to the Eiffel Tower, L'arc de Triomphe and the Louvre museum to see the Mona Lisa! Then we went to a French market in Maths and got to buy either a croissant or madeleine from the bakery or some clothes from the Bonjour Boutique! We also had a competition to see who could build the tallest Eiffel Tower out of either Lego, Polydron, Paper or Multilink cubes. In the afternoon we learnt about the impressionist artist Monet and recreated his famous The Water Lily Pond using our fingers! We also wrote postcards from Paris to our friends and family!

Half term blog!

End of term blog. Have a great summer everyone!

Welcome back! What a super day we have had learning all about the UK! Today we tried Welsh cakes, scones, shortbread and potato cakes, painted the national flowers for England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland and took part in some sports and dancing associated with each country! A highlight of the day was seeing who could throw their wellington boot the furthest! We even learnt how to say Hello in Gaelic and Welsh!

End of term blog!

Welcome back!! Mrs Poole, Mrs Browne and I are feeling Professor Proud of all of the children this week. They have all returned ready to learn and it has been lovely to see them playing with their friends and talking about their experiences of lockdown. This week we have been learning about Van Gogh, playing board games to practice being Cool Cooperators and drawing our favourite memories from lockdown. Finally we have all been writing a story about ourselves and how we felt during the lockdown and coming back to school. What a busy but lovely week we have all had!

Our topic for this half term is... On the farm!