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Welcome to our Governors’ section

Below is just a brief snapshot of who we are, what we do. If you would like to find out more information or have any queries or comments for the governors, please leave a message in the school office and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. We are always on the look out for new governors as existing members come to the end of their 4 year term of office and move on to other things.


So, who are we? There are four categories of governor: parents, staff, community and local authority, making up a governing body of ten members. As individuals, we each have different reasons for becoming a governor, come from different backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and experience between us, which we are able to use in our work with the school. As governors, we give up our time on a voluntary basis but it is a very rewarding and interesting way to become involved in the life of a school.


And, what do we do? It is the role of the governing body to help define and set the strategic goals for the school’s development, to monitor and evaluate progress towards the achievement of these, and to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Headteacher. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the school is providing the best possible education for its children and is continually looking at ways to do things even better.


The full governing body meets twice a term. We have clear agendas and objectives at each meeting, although there is always opportunity for extra discussion on specific issues as appropriate.


Below is a list of current school governors:

Mrs. J. Knott -  Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor

Mr. M. Emery - Vice Chair, LA Governor

Mrs. B. Billington - Headteacher 

Mrs. B. Turner - Staff Governor

Mrs. S. Collier- Co-opted Governor

Mr. P. Moore - Co-opted Governor

Mrs. A. Riddle - Parent Governor 

Mrs. N. Park - Parent Governor

Mrs. C. Stead - Co-opted Governor

Mrs. S. Hatcher - Parent Governor

Annual Statement of issues faced and addressed by the Governing Body 2020- 2021






  • Budget setting, monitoring and review
  • To agree a set budget and monitor it on a termly basis to ensure sound financial management
  • Budget set by HT & resource committee, then presented to and agreed by full governing body
  • Resource committee and full governing body annually to set and termly monitoring - ongoing
  • Governors are satisfied that the school is meeting the requirements of the SFVS
  • Policy documentation review
  • To review school policies to ensure they meet the requirements of the school and meet most recent national recommendations where appropriate
  • Full governing body reviews policy documentation at half termly meetings
  • Full governing body - ongoing
  • All school policies reflect up to date recommendations and developments and fit the needs of the school.
  • Review the school action plan
  • To carry out a review of the school action plan to ensure it meets the needs of the school
  • Full governing body will review and accept the school improvement plan for the academic year, ensuring it meets the key priorities of the school
  • Full governing body
  • The development plan is fit for purpose and addresses the key priorities of the school
  • Review standards and performance of the school
  • To review data and results and challenge the management on the performance of the school
  • The full governing body & the School Improvement committee will receive and review the most recent data and results of the school
  • School Improvement committee & full governing body – July -September  and continually throughout the year
  • The governing body have a clear understanding of the performance of the school and are able to challenge where appropriate
  • Performance management
  • To carry out performance management programme of HT
  • Review and target setting made by performance management subcommittee and presented to and agreed by full governing body
  • Performance management subcommittee and full governing body - ongoing
  • Challenging targets set for HT which drive improvements in school