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Class 2

Welcome to Class Two


Class 2 is the Key Stage 1 class, Year 1 and Year 2 combined.

The children are taught by Mrs Wealthy and Mrs Baxter and are supported by two teaching assistants, Mrs Browne and Mrs Poole.  


The children have all built strong foundations and across KS1, they practice growth mindset, independence and creativity. This supports the children's love of learning to flourish further.

Spring Term Second Topic- The Great Fire Of London

Spring Term First Topic - Under the Sea

Autumn Term 2nd Topic - Food

Autumn Half Term Blog

Maths. Starting at different 2-digit numbers, we are trying to reach 50, by either adding or subtracting 1s or 10s

English. Reading poetry has inspired us to write our own. We are very proud of our all poets in Class 2!

Geography. We have located places we have visited on the world map as part of our Holiday topic

Maths. We have been using money (10ps and 1ps) to help us to have a deeper understanidng of Place Value

Music. This term we are learning to use drums to explore pulse and rhythm

Maths. Using just 3 single digits, we have been finding all the 2-digit numbers we can make and ordering them on a number line.

Class 2 Information

Below you will find a link to the overview for our first topic this half term which is 'HOLIDAYS'.  This includes the National Curriculum objectives that will be the focus for the children's learning during this topic.  The knowledge and skills the children will be taught, will build on prior learning.



Friday 13th September 2019 was National Dahlicious Day

We are reading Fantastic Mr Fox in Class 2.  We all love reading and listening to Roald Dahl stories. We chose our favourite characters  and dressed up to celebrate Dahlicious Day.