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Class 1 (EYFS)

Welcome to Class One


Whether you are already part of the Jenyns Community, or you are looking to join us, we hope you find all the information you need here. 

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Class One 2023-2024


Mrs Baxter, Mrs Sweet and Mrs Oakins, work together to ensure that children's learning is relevant and taught in an appropriate context that matches the different needs of our youngest children.

19th September- This week we have been making new friends and learning how to be really cooperative, kind and respectful to each other, ourselves and the classroom

Here are some pictures from our first week back at school in September

Autumn Term Timetable

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2023

Summer 2 Curriculum Overview- Under The Sea

Summer 1 Curriculum Overview- Food & Growth

End of Spring term blog

24th February International Day- China

22nd February- During forest School the children made numbers with sticks and made collections of items to match them.

Mid Spring Term Blog

Curriculum Overview Spring 2 - Animals

Toasting marshmallows over the campfire at forest school

February Making Valentine Heart Biscuits

February 2023 - Making spider webs

January 2023 WOW! It was so cold today that everything was frozen and white, so we went to explore outside...

Curriculum Overview Spring 1 - Homes

Spring Timetable Class 1

End of Autumn term blog

December- This week the children were excited to find ice outside and see what happened when they brought it indoors

Busy writers

December 1st 2022 -Lots to do...Trees to be decorated!

Counting in early Years- counting beyond twenty, exploring cardinality (the stopping number) and conservation of number (how the number remains the same when the towers are knocked down!)

Planting Spring bulbs in our outside area

Forest School- making Bog Babies with mud! November 2022

November 2022- Learning what Remembrance Day means

Autumn term 2nd Curriculum Overview Families topic

Autumn Mid-term Blog

Making repeating patterns inside and outside.

Forest School October 2022 - making Owls and nests with our together in our wooded area on the field

Owl Collage- we are learning about owls, what they look like and how they live

Looking for signs of Autumn in Braughing

Autumn term curriculum overview Forests

Our Topic Growth continues with two new core books- topic overview

15th June- Making boats and exploring floating and sinking

18th May 2022 National Numeracy Day- learning to count, recognising shapes, learning to order numbers, to add, recognising doubles and even numbers, exploring magnitude and finding 1 less and 1 more...

Our first Summer term topic is Growth

End of Spring term blog

24th March - observing and measuring our bean growth

3rd March 2022- Baking cakes and biscuits on World Book Day

World Book Day March 2022- Dressing up as our favourite book characters

Our 2nd Spring topic is Feelings

Spring mid-term blog

Our Spring term topic is Journeys

1st Feb- This week we are learning how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We tasted noodles and tried using chopsticks.

Jan 28-30th- The Big Garden Birdwatch- we made birdfeeders, watched the birds visit and recorded what we saw.

Jan 2022- Learning about the Arctic and Antarctic- how polar bears and penguins never meet and observing how ice melts.

17 December Cooking Christmas Cookies

17 December Building igloos

Autumn 2021 (2nd Half) Curriculum Overview- Animals

12th November This week has been Active Maths Week at Jenyns and we had lots of fun learning about numbers inside and outside

5th November 2021- This week we have been learning about Diwali. We made salt dough divas.

Autumn Mid-term Blog

Autumn 2021 (1st half) Curriculum Overview- Superheroes

Autumn 2021 Timetable EYFS

October- Learning about Usain Bolt during Black History Month

19th October Making African Collar Necklaces

30th September- Today we had a lot of fun making and using playdough!

10th September Supatato- We have been reading this book in class and making our own vegetable superheroes

9th September We have all been singing 'Five Little Speckled Frogs' and getting to know each other. Our first week has been so much fun!

2nd July Friends of Jenyns Summer Fun Day. Due to covid restrictions we could not have our usual Summer Fair but FoJ organised an amazing day for the children at school instead.

2nd July Our resident frog has returned again to the 'pond' the children made for him after his first visit!

1st July Making flags during Euro 2020

11th June- We have been learning about 2-d shapes and creating repeating patterns this week. We were Dr Curious to find out what we could make with the shapes. We created our repeating patterns by being Mighty Imagination.

10th June- We have been taking part in the Eat Them To Defeat Them challenge and trying new vegetables each week. This week was all about tomatoes! We were Captain Concentration when we painted the tomatoes and Professor Proud of our colour mixing.

Summer term (2nd half) Knowledge Organiser

Summer term (2nd half) Curriculum Overview

Class 1 Summer mid-term blog

14th May-This week some tiny eggs arrived at school and some caterpillars hatched out! We have been learning all about the life cycle of butterflies. Look what we made next.

7th May- This week we have been practising counting on our way to lunch and on the way back we count backwards

Topic Overview Summer 1 Food and Growth

End of Spring Term Blog

27th April: We explored the Pond and Wildlife Area


Today, we went to discover the insects and pond life that we have in school. We went with nets and tubs to to collect pond life as well as insects that we found under logs and stones. Once we had found everything that we could, we used books to find out what they were.

25th March Exploring forces outside. How can we make the ball roll faster?

18th March Dressing up on World Book Day as characters from our favourite books

18th March Holding our newly hatched chicks on World Book Day

12th March- We learned the skills of archery and boccia

We welcomed the children back on 8th March. We had an amazing Art week and learned about Matisse.

We painted daffodils like Matisse

Happy Mother's Day!

Topic Overview Spring 2 Home & Community

Topic overview Spring 1 Home and Community

Knowledge Organiser for 1st half of Spring 2021

This week we made our own colourful concentric circles like Kandinsky

Today was our third and final balance bike training session. It was great fun!

We love reading in Class 1!

Making Poppy Cakes on Remembrance Day

Autumn mid-term blog

Look at what we have been doing at school this half term!

Counting six. Looking at the pattern of six using egg boxes to emphasize the arrangement seen on dice, dominoes and playing cards.

At harvest time we found apples and raspberries growing at school. We picked them and tasted them and talked about the flavours we liked.

Using sticks that we found in the wild area we ordered by length.

Bark rubbing. We have been learning to name some of the trees on our school field and we have been exploring different textures of bark.

When we were reading 'Owl Babies' we went outside to make our own nests.

Forest School

Re-ordering numbers on the numberline outside.

The children have been learning how to use dominoes. This helps them to to be able to subitise (recognise a number without counting by looking at the pattern).

Class 1 Timetable 2020-2021

EYFS Topic Overview Autumn 1 The World

Knowledge Organiser Autumn 1 2020

Handwriting help

Welcome to Class 1! Everyone has been excited to get back and get to know each other...

We have been learning to recognise patterns which help us know how many are in a set without counting them.

We have been learning a lot from the book Owl Babies. We know lots of facts about owls now. Here is some artwork we have done this week.

There are three owl babies in the Story Owl Babies so we have been collecting sets of 3 things inside and outside...

We have been learning about how things work and why things happen.