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This week we did an enterprise fair to raise money for WaterAid. I got chosen as a school councillor for the summer term.  The school council make the school a better place.

Charlotte, Year 4



At school it is drama week and we have been doing lots of things like a drama workshop with a company called Stage Coach.  It was great!

Sam, Year 4



In class 3 we have been making bird food ready for the bird watch on Friday.

Jack, Year 4


Daisy here reporting from Jenyns School! This year I think we have chosen an amazing charity - Water Aid. No one should be drinking dirty water.  We are going to raise money by selling things at our enterprise fair.


On Friday I got a pen licence.  We have to do nice writing in all our books to get a pen licence.

Taryn, Year 3



The school council are going to get a giant chess set for us to play with in the playground.

Jack, Year 4


On Friday 31st of January 2014 Class 3 made some fantasy bird masks.  We did a parade in assembly.

Alexa, Year 4  


This week we have been learning about film trailers in literacy.  We also went to the pantomime to see Cinderella, which was really good because they made a cake and got the ingredients all wrong! In P.E we did street dance this week, it was really good, we learnt about unison and cannon.

By Talitha, Year 3



We have been learning about music and how we hear it.  Miss Russell has given us some homework on what we like about music.

By Imogen, Year 4


In Class 3 this week we have been learning about adverts.

By Jack, Year 4



Mrs. Poole and Mrs. Endacott have started a handwriting club, so we can get a pen licence.  It is really cool, it helps you get a pen licence. 

By Grace, Class 3


Hi, my name is Daisy.  I am the head of the school council.  I help our headteacher come up with ideas for our school.  The school councillors have thought of lots of ideas, like our slides and we have got lots of new climbing frames and equipment. 

By Daisy, Class 3


In Maths we have been learning about different written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

By Laura, Class 3


In P.E we are doing dance.  Last lesson was to do with machines, we had to do a push, pull and lift movement.

By Morgan, Class 3