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Classes at Jenyns First School & Nursery

 Jenyns is a medium- sized village school with mixed age classes. Our classes are organised into Foundation Stage which are Nursery and Reception children, Key Stage One which are Year 1 and Year 2 and Key Stage Two which are Years 3 and 4. The average size is 20 children and each class is supported by a full time Teaching Assistant and a Nursery Nurse in the Foundation Stage.

Each classroom has a garden where we work, play and grow plants.



This is a photograph of our beautiful new Jubilee Garden which was opened on 1st June 2012 by the Chairman of the Braughing Horticultural Society. Martin Slack has worked tirelessly this year to build and plant our garden with the children and the gardening club.



Picasso Classes garden in June 2012. We have planted strawberries beans and flowers.


We all work hard to learn many new skills at Jenyns. We also have a fantastic time learning through workshops and being creative.